Purity Cleansing Oil

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PURITY CLEANSING OIL | Skin-hydrating Facial Cleansing Oil

Cleanse away the day with this gentle, yet effective herbal-scented facial cleansing oil treat. Your skin will feel refreshed & hydrated, your pores will be deeply-cleansed and your skin will be ready to receive the next step in your beauty routine  -  a spritz of Rose Radiant Facial Mist perhaps, then some Super Serum (face serum) and for an extra treat, some Rose Beauty Balm to seal it all in! Suitable for all Skin Types.

Is a face oil cleanser good for your face?
Yes, using natural oils for cleansing instead of traditional soap cleansers, helps protect the natural layer of the skin, so it is a much gentler way of cleansing and looking after delicate skin.


  • Castor Oil, deep cleanser and bacteria inhibitor
  • Lemon Essential Oil, natural skin toner & brightener
  • Juniper Essential Oil, naturally astringent & uplifting



Massage 1 or 2 pumps of this super charged Cleansing Oil into the skin from neck to forehead and remove with a muslin cloth that has been soaked in the hottest possible water.

You can take off most types of eye makeup with this oil, just be careful not to get it in the eyes. Hold the cloth for a few moments on the skin and take in a few deep breaths before using the cloth to remove the Cleansing Oil in small circular motions.  Do this twice for a deep double cleanse if you feel you skin needs it! 

"I have very sensitive skin, however, the Purity Cleansing Oil is working perfectly and my skin is very happy with it" Sasha, Cardiff

"This Cleansing Oil is a game changer, I love the way it takes off every scrap of my makeup and the smell is amazing, a really uplifting and clean natural scent!" Jenny, London

"The black muslin cloths are a GENIUS IDEA!!!, I have spent years using white cloths, they never stay white even after a good wash, so these make the whole process of a hot cloth cleanse much more satisfying! Thank you 360!" Lisa, Suffolk

Simmondsia chinensis - Jojoba oil, Ricinus Communis - Castor oil, Helianthus Annuus - Sunflower oil, Citrus Limonum  - Lemon, Juniperus Communis - Juniper, Origanum Majorana - Marjoram

Jojoba Oil - one of the best all round oils to use in skin care. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It has a structure which is similar to the body’s own natural oils and can stop the skin over-producing sebum making it ideal for problem skin like acne. Jojoba can also decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Castor Oil - contains high levels of Ricinoleic acid which can inhibit growth in the bacteria that cause acne. It is rich in fatty acids that enhance smoothness and softness and works well as a deep cleansing oil.

Sunflower Oil  - is a great source of vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it is effective for combatting skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. Sunflower oil has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture.


Lemon  - a natural skin toner that helps brighten and even out skin tone

Juniper - Uplifting, stimulant, astringent

Marjoram - A replenishing, purifying and balancing oil, this calming oil helps to clear pores, detoxify and reduce hormonal breakouts