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360 Botanics - Natural Skincare & Wellness

Here at 360 Botanics we make 100% Natural Skin Care & Wellness Products that harness the therapeutic healing power of pure Essential Oils and natural plant based ingredients.

Our formulas blend organic & natural botanical ingredients together to create a product range that balances & heals both the body and mind. 

We are an environmentally aware company and tread lightly where we can. By following a minimal principle we feel ‘less is definitely more’ in all areas of our business, from ingredients chosen to use in our products, through to mindful labelling & packaging.

Our ethos is simple - to produce small-batch, hand-blended ‘Vegan Eco Luxe’ products that not only work well, but smell great and look good too!

Enjoy the incredibly beneficial properties of Aromatherapy & Plant Based ingredients, from Cleansing Oils, through to Exfoliants, Pink Clay Masks and Super Serums along with our Wellness products; Soy Wax Candles, Therapeutic Bath Salts and Essential Oil infused Aroma Mists.

Coming from a Holistic Aromatherapist background, founder Pip de Villiers has been formulating and blending for over 20 years and is proud that all 360 Botanics products are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.  All made with love at the 360 Botanics HQ in Lewes, England

NO parabens, chemicals or fillers - just pure powerful natural ingredients.


Pip de Villiers - founder of 360 Botanics

A woman with a warm smile stands in a cosy, naturally lit room. Her hair is styled in elegant, tight braids wrapped around her head, highlighting her silver strands. She's wearing a comfortable, oversized charcoal sweater and black trousers, with her hands placed confidently on her hips. In the background, there's an assortment of stylish decor including pampas grass, delicate string lights, glass vases, and an array of dark bottles, possibly containing artisanal products, which create an inviting and tranquil atmosphere

"Coming from a background in Holistic Aromatherapy, I have been blending and creating products for family & friends for over 20 years. I now bring all of this knowledge to you in the form of my brand 360 Botanics!"

"It's a good feeling to know that every single product that is hand blended and packaged in small batch, here in Lewes East Sussex is 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and free from chemicals"

"No nasties EVER! - just pure simple ingredients that your skin will love"

"Our packaging is stylish, yet always kept to a minimum - we use recycled glass bottles & jars and biodegradable fill for all of our postal orders"

Image of natural beauty products photographed with flowers on white background

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Contact: hello@360botanics.com