360 Botanics SPA Facials in Lewes: A Bespoke and Sensory Experience

A person receiving a relaxing facial massage in a tranquil setting with soft lighting and candles in the background

360 Botanics Natural skincare Facials

Welcome to 360 Botanics Spa Facials in Lewes, where every treatment is more than just a facial—it's a journey towards rejuvenation, balance, and a deeper connection to yourself and your skin as a whole.

360 Botanics Spa Facials have been developed by Aromatherapist Pip de Villiers, founder and creator of the 360 Botanics brand. Pip has over 30 years of experience in blending and creating holistic skincare applications through massage and product creation. Her skills lie in the holistic aspect of Aromatherapy and its ability to help heal and nurture the mind, body and spirit.

The 360 Botanics Difference

360 Botanics Spa Facial experiences combine a blend of traditional, pressure point and lymphatic drainage techniques along with the sculpting power of Gua Sha stones.

The facials incorporate only the 360 Botanics range of 100% natural, plant-based botanical skincare products. These award-winning formulas are simple yet effective and the Spa Facials have been designed to offer you a natural alternative to conventional salon brands, ensuring your skin receives the purest care

Personalised for Your Skin

Every facial session begins with a consultation to understand your skin's unique needs. We will then tailor your facial to address any specific skin concerns, ensuring a personalised approach that complements your skin type. Following your treatment, we will provide you with a 360 Botanics skincare regimen to continue nurturing your skin at home.

 A person lying down with eyes closed, receiving a facial treatment with a white mask being applied with a brush by another person, in a relaxed spa setting

THE JOURNEY - 75 Minutes | £85.00

Embark on a nurturing experience designed to cleanse, hydrate, and soothe. This comprehensive facial includes a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, and a regenerating clay mask, complemented with a relaxing hand and arm massage. A facial massage with Rose Quartz Gua Sha stones targets fine lines and wrinkles, culminating in a hydrating treatment that leaves your skin and spirit revitalised.

A person receiving a crystal facial massage, with eyes closed and clear quartz stones placed on their forehead by a practitioner with polished nails, in a serene spa environment.

DISCOVERY - 45 Minutes | £65.00

Dive into the holistic essence of the 360 Botanics range with this introductory treatment. It begins with a deep cleanse, followed by exfoliation, and concludes with a luxurious facial massage. This mini retreat is perfect for a quick rejuvenation, leaving your skin glowing and your mind at ease.

Bespoke Facial Oil Service - £75

Customise your skincare by treating yourself to our bespoke facial oil service. This 30ml treatment oil is tailor-made to address your skin's specific needs and is crafted with organic and natural ingredients. Whether you're combating congestion, dryness or just seeking a boost in your daily beauty regimen, this custom blend will support both your skin and mental wellbeing. Available as an add-on to your facial or as a standalone treatment - it's also the perfect seasonal refreshment for your skin.

Experience the natural luxury of 360 Botanics Spa Facials - transform your skincare regime and embrace a journey of sensory delight leaving you with a fresh, natural healthy glow!

Regular visits, ideally every four to six weeks, are recommended to maintain your skin's health and vibrancy. Transitioning to our natural skincare range might require a brief detox period for your skin, but the benefits will soon become visibly apparent, revealing a naturally beautiful and glowing complexion.

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