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360 Botanics NEW MUM Gift Box: A Pampering Pregnancy Gift Set

Celebrate the journey of motherhood with the 360 Botanics NEW MUM Gift Box, a luxurious letterbox gift set overflowing with 13+ products. This specially curated collection is designed to pamper and provide comfort to new mums and those in the later stages of pregnancy. Handcrafted with love and care, each item in this gift box is aimed at nurturing the body, soul, and spirit during this beautiful and transformative time.

Wrapped in gorgeous pink tissue paper and adorned with an uplifting illustration and the message "A little box of sunshine just for you!", this gift box is a heartfelt way to show your love and support.

Inside the NEW MUM Gift Box:

  • RELAX Botanical Bath Salts / Foot Soak (50g): Infused with the calming scents of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Vanilla, perfect for a soothing soak.
  • Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub (30g): Energize and refresh the skin with this vibrant body scrub.
  • SPA Scented All-Over Lotion (30g): Nourish and moisturize the skin with this SPA-inspired body lotion.
  • Soy Wax Melt Bar: Enhance the atmosphere with the gentle fragrance of Rose & Vanilla, accompanied by rose petal botanicals.
  • Grace & Stella Vegan Eye Masks: Revitalise tired eyes with de-puffing and hydrating eye masks.
  • Kaolin Face Mask Sachet: Offer your skin a gentle, deep cleansing experience.
  • Vegan Lip Balm (15g): Keep lips hydrated and moisturised with sweet orange essential oil.
  • Vegan Lip Scrub (15g): Exfoliate and soften lips for a smooth, kissable feel.
  • 100% Cotton Muslin Face Cloth: Gently cleanse and exfoliate the face with this soft, reusable cloth.
  • Dusky Pink Silk Scrunchie: Keep hair tidy and stylish without breakage.
  • PUKKA Organic 'Womankind' Tea Bag: Savour a cup of tea blended for women's wellness.
  • RAW HALO Vegan Chocolate Bar (22g): Indulge in a delicious Mylk & Vanilla chocolate treat.
  • Vegan Love Hearts: Enjoy a roll of sweet, love-themed vegan candies.

Supporting Small Business:

By choosing the 360 Botanics NEW MUM Gift Box, you're not only giving a gift of love and care but also supporting a small business dedicated to creating natural, handmade products.

Whether it's a surprise for a baby shower, a thoughtful gift for a friend, or a treat for yourself, the NEW MUM Gift Box from 360 Botanics is an exquisite way to say congratulations and offer a little box of sunshine to new mums navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood.

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