A Breath of Fresh Air - 360 Botanics Wellness Workshop at a Welsh Retreat

A Breath of Fresh Air - 360 Botanics Wellness Workshop at a Welsh Retreat

A modern coastal retreat house in Wales, featuring a large glass facade extension alongside a traditional white cottage structure. The house is perched on a rugged rocky landscape with wooden walkways, under a vast blue sky with scattered clouds. The serene setting and contemporary architectural design suggest a blend of comfort and style, ideal for a wellness workshop or retreat

In January I was very lucky to be invited by Donna Hay from retreat and wellness company Wildwoman to participate in her 'Reading & Relaxation' Retreat in Anglesey. The retreat was held at Hen Cymyran, a breathtakingly beautiful secluded spot, in a wild and remote area of Anglesey, North Wales. This coastal haven, with its panoramic sea views, became our sanctuary for a transformative four-day experience.

A serene landscape view of the rugged Welsh coastline with the sun hanging low in the sky, casting a bright glare and reflecting off the calm sea. The coastline is dotted with rocky outcrops and sparse vegetation, under a blue sky with light cloud cover. The scene conveys a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, typical of a coastal retreat in Wales

The Welsh Retreat Experience

There were 10 of us present at the retreat facilitated by Donna which ran over 4 days. The retreat theme was all about reconnecting with nature, taking some much needed time out, reading that book you never seem to finish and relaxing with some very special self-care moments. The retreat featured a variety of treatments including Reiki, Body and Facial Massages along with an immersive Crystal Bowl Sound Bath, this played out to the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore outside, it really was incredible!

Donna guided us through a transformative 'Conscious Connected' breath-work session. If you have never experienced this before, I highly recommend it - It’s a definite energy shifter! 

  A well-organized workshop table displaying an array of amber glass bottles in various sizes, some with dropper caps, amidst a creative setting. A measuring glass, wooden spatulas, and informative cards are laid out for participants. The ambiance is enhanced by a glowing candle and fairy lights woven through eucalyptus branches, indicating a focus on natural wellness and beauty products. The scene conveys a blend of education and relaxation, typical of a wellness retreat workshop.

360 Botanics Holistic Product Range

Throughout the retreat, I had the opportunity to engage with the group about all things 360 Botanics, showing them our skincare products along with all of our home scent range and other wellness products. Many of Donna’s guests have been long-time users of our soy candles as they have been included over the years in the Wildwoman Subscription Boxes, so it was great to be able to show them what else we have on offer at 360 Botanics.

A workshop table set up with an array of brown glass bottles, some with droppers, along with a large brown jar and a spray bottle, all suggesting a DIY wellness or aromatherapy session. There are also wooden sticks, a measuring beaker, and scattered pieces of paper with writings, indicating a hands-on, educational environment. The table is adorned with decorative fairy lights and eucalyptus branches, creating an inviting and serene crafting atmosphere.

A 360 Botanics Wellness Workshop

On the final day, I ran a 360 Botanics Wellness Workshop that was warmly received by all. The workshop began with an introduction to Aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, followed by an engaging blending session.

A close-up view of a hand holding a brown glass spray bottle with a handwritten label "Wild Love 22.01.24", suggesting a personalized aromatherapy or natural wellness product created at a workshop. The hand is adorned with red nail polish, adding a pop of color to the image. In the background, there's a workshop table with papers, wooden sticks, fairy lights, and a large amber candle, all contributing to a warm and engaging DIY crafting experience.

Each guest had the opportunity to craft their own unique personal scent blend, and in turn create their own bespoke Intention Mist, to take home with them.
A lovely reminder, of our time at his special retreat in wild and wonderful Wales.

Group of joyful people participating in a wellness workshop creating custom aromatherapy blends with essential oils, surrounded by natural elements and workshop materials, conveying a sense of community and wellbeing

Unleash Your Inner Wellness Alchemist with 360 Botanics Workshops!

At 360 Botanics we offer a series of Wellness Workshops, mostly Aromatherapy based, that work really well as part of a retreat experience. It's a great way of bringing guests together, breaking down boundaries and for people to learn the art of natural apothecary.

These workshops also work well in a corporate environment, for companies looking for Wellness events in the office or on away days, they are great as a ‘thank you’ for staff and for group bonding events and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Confident woman with braided hair smiling in a cozy wellness shop, surrounded by artisanal aromatherapy products and natural decor, embodying a holistic and inviting atmosphere.

For more details or to arrange a workshop, please reach out to Pip at hello@360botanics.com.

Click to find out more about our Wellness Workshops:

To find out more about Donna, her company WildWoman and her amazing retreats click on the link below.


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