360 Botanics Wellness Workshops

A confident woman with a beaming smile and silver braided hair poses in a cozy charcoal grey sweater. She stands in a workshop space adorned with dried pampas grass and a wooden ladder festooned with fairy lights. In the background, an assortment of amber glass bottles and aroma diffusers on a shelf contribute to the warm, inviting ambiance of the natural skincare workshop

360 Botanics Workshops | Learn something new and get creative!

Discover the world of essential oils and aromatics with 360 Botanics Wellness Workshops which have been developed to inspire the curious and empower creativity within us all, using the medium of essential oils and botanicals.

Pip, Founder of 360 Botanics, has over 30 years of experience in holistic aromatherapy and has developed a programme of Wellness Workshops that delve into the foundations of aromatherapy and botanical alchemy so that you and your friends can actively get involved!

Pip will have you blending and formulating before you know it! - Guiding you to create some unique products that will soothe your skin and calm your soul! 

A collection of amber glass bottles with droppers, labeled with various scents such as 'cedarwood' and 'basil', are neatly arranged on a wooden tray. In the foreground, a brown glass spray bottle and a clear measuring cup are visible, suggesting a workshop setting for creating custom scents or aromatherapy blends

Some examples of upcoming Workshops - Intention Aroma Mists, Face Masks, Bespoke Facial Oils, Prescriptive Body Oils, Natural Hydrosols.

Group, Retreat & Company Workshops

360 Botanics Wellness Workshops provide a welcoming and safe space to connect with our instinct and intuition. An ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their wellness journey and for companies looking to break down any workplace barriers.

The Wellness Workshops are also the ideal addition to any Retreat, please contact us at hello@360botanics.com for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you on this inspiring sensory journey and hope to see you at our next Aromatherapy Workshop!