Pooch Spray - Aroma Mist

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This hand blended mix of TOXIN FREE, Dog Friendly Essential Oils creates a calming scent that dogs truly love! It really does help to banish any anxiety your pet may be having, for example on a trip to the vets!

An uplifting citrusy scent with woodsy Cedarwood this Mist works wonders on clearing all sorts of Doggy smells & creates a relaxing atmosphere for your pet.

Can be used to:

-  DETOX your car

-  Clear the air around your Pooch’s sleeping area

-  To calm before a Vet visit

-  Freshen up between Pooch Parlour appointments

- Cover up Fox Poo smells & wet dog smells & more when you are out and about!

No harmful ingredients, asthma irritating synthetics or toxic chemicals.

Just pure, good for you, mood enhancing essential oils!